Ben’s Cave Dive at Lucayan National Park

Experience one of Grand Bahamas’ most exciting tours at Lucayan National Park! Diving Ben’s Cave you will experience an amazing adventure that will leave you in awe. After your dive, tour six different ecosystems before ending with lunch on the beautiful Fortune Bay Beach!

Owls Hole Cave Dive Adventure

Dive in both fresh water and salt water in this unique and mesmerizing cave dive. Dive three horizontal caves and experience visual element created by light that will appear unreal! A truly amazing experience and a MUST for any diver looking for a unique adventure.

Crabbing Bay Blue Hole Diving Adventure

An exhilarating dive into a blue hole filled with marine life! As you descend 60 feet into the cave, you will be greeted by snappers, parrot fish, angel fish, lobsters and much much more! If experiencing the marine life of the Bahamas in on your list of things to do, then exploring this amazing destination is the adventure for you!


Mermaid’s Lair Cave Dive Adventure

An amazing dive experience in a labyrinth greater than 80 feet below the surface! Dive among structures like stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flow rocks, Dogtooth Spars and other speleothems that will make your jaw drop! Mermaid’s Lair Cave is the ultimate in Bahama Cave dive adventures. You won’t want to miss this experience when you visit the islands!

Rocky Creek Blue Hole Diving Adventure

Get ready for an amazing diving adventure! On this cave adventure you will be amazed at the water clarity and the amount of marine life you encounter during your dive. This is a truly exhilarating adventure that you do not want to miss!