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Owls Hole Cave Dive Outback Adventure

Our Diving Outback Adventure is 6 hours, from pick up to drop off at your place of lodging

Your adventure begins at pickup from your place of lodging.

Relax while your guide takes you on a narrative drive, introducing the story of the Bahamas, the formation of caves all while en route to your unique diving destination, Owls Hole.

Owls Hole named for the Barn owls that nest here, has a large opening that is 30 feet in diameter with a 30 foot drop to a body of water within. The 30-foot diameter opening formed when part of the cave system’s ceiling collapsed during the Pleistocene Ice age. The water inside this cave system extends to about 90 feet in depth and in its center is the start of its cavern system, the rocky remains of a collapsed ceiling extending from a shallow depth of about 20 feet from the water’s surface down to about 50 odd feet depth known as its base. The water seen from the surface is fresh drinkable water down to 30 odd feet in depth. At 30 odd feet in depth, you find where the body of fresh water sits on top of the body of salt water. This is a very unique lens known as a Halocline. During your dive you will experience both fresh and salt water byway of passing through this very interesting lens.

Your dive begins by first donning on scuba gear and then climbing down a vertical permanent ladder that gives entrance into this unusual marine world. The climb down and up is about 30 feet, looking up gives view to a large opening surrounded by Palm trees known as Thatch palms and looking down and around excites you with each downward step into your unknown adventure.

Once in the water your first experience is its temperature. It is a little chilly at first, but your body warms quickly to its year round temperature of 72 degrees. Descending to the ground below your feet which is only 20 odd feet in depth begins the start of your dive on top of the pyramid of rocks that the dive ladder sits on. Then we begin the second descent to the base of this large rubble of rock which is about 50 odd feet in depth. At the base will give view to the size of this pyramid of rocks that sits inside this very large cathedral completely lit with sunlight. Our dive then ventures completely around the base of the pyramid found in the center of this cavern but also into the cave systems that leads away from the base of this very large vertical room. There are three (3) horizontal caves as we go around the base of the pyramid of rocks. We will explore each cave (meaning no sun light) and due to depth change which is 70 odd feet in depth, we will experience an additional halocline. The penetrations are short, but each leads away from the natural light into dark mysterious rooms. At some point we turn around and head back to the cavern (meaning there is sun light) which is the vertical room with the large pyramid of rocks. Swimming from the darkness of the caves back to the bright lights of the cavern creates a visual that seems unreal. At some point we make our way back to the top of the pyramid of rocks, as we slowly ascend the pyramid of rocks we then begin to notice its marine hosts. This may include fish call Sleeper Goby, Shrimps and the occasional freshwater eels. Our dive ends back on top of the pyramid of rocks at 20 odd feet enjoying a well lit room and its marine hosts.

After this amazing experience, your guide will then drive you to the next stop of the day. The next stop is for lunch and relaxation before the return drive to your place of lodging. Enjoy lunch on a beautiful beach call Fortune Bay Beach from a wonderful restaurant known as Banana Bay. Lunch of your choice will be served to you on the outside wooden deck of this beachside restaurant surrounded by Coconut palm trees facing a turquoise sea.


Maximum of 4

Price if booked directly through Calabash Eco Adventures

  • $160 for a single person

Not booking this tour directly with us will include a booking fee. This will be the price.

  • $180 for a single person
Must be a certified diver. Open water level certification accepted.

Lunch and park fee not included into price. Lunch may cost between $15 and $25 per person and park fee $15 per person. Price does not include any scuba equipment. Rental is done from a dive shop. Rental is $10 per item needed for the dive. Equipment needed are, mask, fins, wet suit, dive light, BC and Reg, Tanks and weights.

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests.

Tour Time Line

  • Pickup at 8:30AM-9:30AM
  • Drive time to Owls Hole 60 minutes
  • Dive briefing and setup time 10 minutes
  • Dive time 60 minutes
  • Break down time and departure 10 minutes
  • Drive time to lunch 50 minutes (Banana Bay restaurant on Fortune Bay beach)
  • Lunch and relaxation 90 minutes
  • Drive time back to place of pickup 30 minutes
  •  Drop off time is 1:30pm-3:30pm

Lunch is optional. Skipping lunch part of the day would drop approximately 2 hours from the time given.

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