North Riding Point Kayak Snorkel Adventure

This tour is 8.5 hours, from pick up to drop off at your place of lodging

Your adventure begins with pickup from your place of lodging and continues with a narrative drive to East Grand Bahama at a destination once used to export logged trees known as North Riding Point.

Once at our launch site your guide goes over kayaking procedures and get you outfitted for your adventure of the day. Our adventure begins with first exploring an ecosystem known as Mangrove-swash-land, by-way of kayak. Then don on snorkel equipment and explore this ecosystem that is a wonderful nursery for marine animals with mask fins and snorkel. This ecosystem is that of water and aquatic trees. The trees are known as Red Mangrove and they create a winding maze with many roots designed to push the tree above water and a dense winding forest of a maze above water. Above water these trees are a wonderful habitat for birds and below water you will be intrigued as you snorkel a maze of roots and schooling fish.

After snorkeling we return to our kayak to continue our adventure. Your next destination is a small Island that’s about 3 acres in size. Once there you get to explore this Island without a name. Enjoy a walk-about completely around this remote Island and see its different ecosystems while you explore your truly private Island destination.

Our journey then continues as we kayak back to our launch site. On our return, the excitement moves to putting on snorkeling equipment for a second snorkeling experience, this time, we snorkel a wreck! The wreck sits in about 10 feet of water and about 30-40 feet long. It was used during the logging days to carry logs out to larger vessels waiting in deeper waters. Today, after sitting in very shallow water for over 55 years this wreck became a shelter to many fish and marine animals calling this remote location home. As you approach the wreck in snorkel gear, you have an eerie feeling due to seeing a large dark structure, but it quickly transforms to excitement due to its many fish life found congregating in and around your shallow wreck snorkel destination.

We then continue our adventure with a short drive to lunch. Lunch is at a quaint little restaurant in a local settlement known as High Rock. Here we will enjoy the company and service of a family own restaurant. The food is local style cooking and absolutely delicious. You choose your lunch item and your guide calls it in before leaving North Riding Point to the settlement of lunch, High Rock.

At the conclusion of lunch, we take a short drive through the settlement of High Rock and its scenic views before the return drive to your place of lodging.


  • $110 per person
  • Minimum of 6 to run the tour

Price does not include lunch and park fee. Lunch is $15-$25 per person and park fee is $11 per person.

Maximum weight is 500 pounds within the kayak. Kayaks are all 2 adult and 1 child kayak.

This tour is offered to hotel guests only

Tour Time Line

This time line is affected by size of parties on tour. The bigger the group, the longer the day by at least 30 minutes.

  • Pickup: 9:30AM
  • Drive time from Hotel to first stop North Riding Point is 120 minutes.
  • Frist stop 10 minutes prep for kayaking experience (North Riding Point)
  • Kayak to snorkel destination 30 minutes
  • Prep time to snorkel 10 minutes
  • Snorkeling time frame 30 minutes
  • Prep time for departure 10 minutes
  • Kayak time to Second Stop 20 minutes (Remote Island)
  • Allowed time for small Island visit 30 minutes
  • Prep time for kayaking 10 minutes
  • Return kayaking to launch site 20 minutes
  • Prep time for second Snorkeling 10 minutes (Wreck)
  • Snorkeling time frame 30 minutes
  • Prep time for departure to lunch 10 minutes
  • Drive time to lunch 50 minutes
  • Allowed lunch time 30 minutes
  • Short visit of High Rock 30 minutes (Optional)
  • Drive time to Hotel 60 minutes       
  • Drop off time 5PM-5:30PM 

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