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Inland Blue Hole Snorkel Adventure

This adventure is 6 hours from pickup to drop off at your place of lodging

Blue holes are found throughout the Bahamas due to its geological formation. Combined land and sea, the Bahamas canboast the most and deepest blue holes in the world. Experience an adventure that caters to this local phenomenon, learn how they were formed, listen to the role of interests that scientific fields play today, hear about amazing discoveries and folklores and then snorkel inside a blue hole that will be an amazement to your day’s adventure.

This adventure begins with pick up from any hotel within the Freeport area and the cruise ship port at Freeport Harbour. Your guide will share many details which will lead you to explore 3 stops during your tour adventure, these stops includes;

Stop 1 – Lucayan national park

Lucayan National Park is the most visited park in the Bahamas and a wonderful destination for all ages. It has 6 ecosystems that can be walked in less than 15 minutes; we do this at leisure to share the wonderful information of this destination. You will also visit two (2) caves. These caves are below water, only a very small area above water which is used by bats in its season. We will stand on a wooden platform above the water inside each cave to share the impressive details that will seem unreal. We will also visit the beach of this destination known as Gold Rock Beach. Rated as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, this beach at low tide will take your breath away, with miles of powder white sand and turquoise seas.

Stop 2 – Owls Hole

A short informative drive from Lucayan National Park, including a 10 minute off road drive will lead us to our next stop, Owls Hole. Surrounded by local Palm and Pine trees we find the most impressive blue hole of our adventure. This blue hole is 30 foot diameter with a 30 foot drop to the water within. To experience this blue hole you must climb down a permanent ladder and then snorkel in freshwaterwhich is the drinking lens of the Island. Here you will find shrimps, fish and American Freshwater Eel. Be prepared for your guide’s information as this blue hole is much more than it seems.

Stop 3  – Banana Bay

This destination is a short drive from Owls Hole. We will call in your lunch during the drive and once there enjoy not just the food, but its view.Lunch will be served to you at this destination a restaurant call Banana Bay. Enjoy lunch facing the ocean from a wooden deck. Then after lunch relax on a beach that runs for miles, taking in this natural beauty.

Extended Version

This would allow for additional snorkel time. This snorkeling is within an ecosystem known as Mangrove-Swash-Land. It is an ecosystem of water and trees and connected to a marine blue hole. This marine blue hole is connected to an inland blue hole call Ben’s Cave. Adding this stop changes the name of the tour to Blue Hole Adventure as you will experience both land and marine blue holes.


  • Regular Tour – $99 per person
  • Extended Tour – $120 per person
    • for the extended tour, no lunch stop bring snacks

Lunch and park fee not included. Lunch is $15-$25 per person and park fee $11 per person.

Tour Time Line

  • Pickup time 8:30AM-9:30AM
  • Drive time to stop 1. 60 minutes (Owls Hole)
  • Time spent 60 minutes (short hike, snorkeling instructions, snorkeling)
  • Drive time to stop 2. 40 minutes (Lucayan National Park)
  • Time spent 60 minutes (short hike, historical information and beach)
  • Drive time to stop 3. 40 minutes (Banana Bay Restaurant)
  • Time spent 60 minutes (lunch and beach relaxation)
  • This time frame would be allotted to the extended tour interest for the additional snorkeling
  • Return drive 30 minutes
  • Drop off time 1:30PM-3:30PM

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests.

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