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Crabbing Bay Blue Hole Diving Adventure

This adventure is 6 hours from pickup to drop off at your place of lodging

Your adventure begins on pickup when your certified guide conveys the rich history of this destination during a narrative drive to East Grand Bahama your diving location Crabbing Bay.

From Crabbing Bay’s beautiful coastline we find a natural wonder in a shallow body of water outside of the settlement of McLean’s Town. After a short walk in very shallow water with the most interesting sandy bottom resembling thousands of little mini volcanoes created by worms call Lug-worms, then cross a grassy bed known as Thalassiatestudinum common name turtle grass,which are nurseries for juvenile marine animals.

Once past these marine ecosystems you will find a sinkhole known by locals as a boiling holes or blue holes. This hole is in about 5 feet of water, a vertical drop to more than 60 feet in depth. The entrance of the hole is about 30 feet long and more than 15 feet wide.   This is a large vertical drop until you reach the bottom. The bottom is a horizontal ground that continues away from ambient light into a cave system. The interest of this dive is not its cave, but its marine life.

As you descend into this marine blue hole you are quickly greeted by life and lots of it. Schooling snappers and grunts congregate under the main ledge andthe entire wall is covered with encrusted sponges in yellow, red, orange and white. Hermit crabs in different colors, lobsters in crevices and banded coral shrimps near little holes. There are different species of anemones, scallops, eels, parrot fish, angel fish and the list continues as you explore this amazing destination.

After this exhilarating adventure, we move on to lunch. Our destination is a little family owned restaurant call Virgy’s takeout in a local settlement call High Rock. After a short drive about 30 minutes we arrive at a quaint little restaurant in a pretty local settlement. Here we will enjoy a delicious meal of local style cuisine cooked to the taste buds of a local mama. Then we drive through the settlement of High Rock after lunch and stop at a local bar on the beach call Bishop’s. Sit back and enjoy a beautiful beach view while drinking some local beer, before the return to your place of lodging.


Maximum of 4
Price if booked directly through Calabash Eco Adventures

  • $160 for a single person

Not booking this tour directly with us will include a booking fee. This will be the price.

  • $180 for a single person

Must be a certified diver. Open water level certification accepted.

Lunch and park fee not included into price. Lunch may cost between $15 and $25 per person and park fee $15 per person. Price does not include any scuba equipment. Rental is done from a dive shop. Rental is $10 per item need for the dive. Equipment needed, mask, fins, wet suit, dive light, BC, Reg, Tanks and weights.

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests

Tour Time Line

  • Pickup at 8:30AM-9:30AM
  • Drive time to Crabbing BayBoiling Hole 90 minutes
  • Dive briefing and setup time 10 minutes
  • Dive time 60 minutes
  • Break down time and departure 10 minutes
  • Drive time to lunch 40 minutes (Banana Bay restaurant on Fortune Bay beach)
  • Lunch and relaxation 90 minutes
  • Drive time back to place of pickup 60 minutes
  •  Drop off time is 1:30PM-3:30PM

Lunch is optional. Skipping lunch part of the day would drop approximately 2 hours from the time given.

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