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Freeport Adventure

This Adventure is 6 hours from pickup to drop of at your place of lodging

Stop 1

Lucayan national park. Here you experience a beautiful and well informed 6 ecosystem hike. These are the 6 ecosystems found in the Bahamas but in close proximity at this destination. You can walk this park in 10 minutes or less, but your guide will introduce each ecosystem, flora, fauna, medicinal properties of plants and the story of the first Bahamian settlers call Lucayans in about 45 minutes on a leisure walk. Due to Human remains and artifacts found at this destination the name Lucayan National Park was given. Your Experience will include 6 ecosystems 1 of which is Gold Rock Beach and 2 inland blue holes /caves.

Stop 2

Banana Bay. This is your restaurant which sits on a beautiful beach. Great food, beautiful view from a wooden deck, hammock and lounge chairs. Your stay here will be an experience of sun, sand and sea as well as good local dishes.

Stop 3

Millionaire’s Row. This is a location of multi million dollar homes. However this route was chosen not to just see beautiful homes but to continue to share the story of the only private city in the Bahamas call Freeport.

Stop 4

Port Lucaya Resort Area. This area holds some of Freeport most interesting story. Today Port Lucaya is a touristic hub for beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping. But in its past it was a huge area for gambling and attracting the biggest players and the American underworld. The residential area that lies in between two resort destinations known as Royal Palm Way was considered for the elite of Freeport. One part of that resort area does not exist today.

Stop 5

City tour. Here you drive through areas which allows for a better introduction of the private city of Freeport. Here the story of the religious district, financial district, commercial district and industrial district as we drive through. This is the only private city in the Bahamas here on Grand Bahama.


  • $79 per person 12 years old and older
  • $45 per person 11 years old and younger
  • $00 per person 05 years old and younger

Price does not include lunch or Park fee. Lunch is $15-$25 per person and Park fee is $11 per person.

This tour is offered to both Cruise Ship and Hotel guests.

Tour Time Line

  • Pickup: 8:30-9:30AM (depends on location)
  • Drive time to first stop 60 minutes (Lucayan National Park and Gold Rock Beach)
  • Visit of Lucayan National Park, Gold Rock Beach, 6 ecosystem and two caves 90 minutes
  • Drive time to second stop 30 minutes (Banana Bay restaurant on Fortune Bay Beach)
  • Lunch, beach and relaxation time 90 minutes
  • Return drive time to hotel and or ship with city visit by narrated drive 60 minutes
  • Drop off time 1:30PM-3:30PM

Tour can be altered for cruise ship guests allowing for 5 hour tour by skipping lunch.

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