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Dover Sound Kayak Eco Adventure

Your adventure begins with a pickup from your cruise terminal within Freeport Harbor or your resort/lodging in the Freeport resort area.

During your short drive to your kayak launch site, your guide will narrate to you the interesting story of the city you are visiting.

Once at the kayaking launch site, you will receive the basics of kayaking. After these simple instructions, you will hop into your tandem kayak and begin an exploration of nature.

This Kayaking destination offers two (2) very beautiful scenic routes. We must choose one or the other, depending on the influence of its tides.

Low tide

The Low tide destination offers the route of short Mangrove trees and then, open-water. The water is very shallow and beautiful, which then leads to a lovely destination, a Mangrove Island Beach. See very tiny little shells driven by wind to form this amazing destination.

High tide

The High tide destination offers the route of intricacy. You will be led through a maze of water and trees. Each turn leads to yet another maze. You will stand on top of one of many Mangrove Islands and learn the role these trees and ecosystem plays.

At the end of this wonderful adventure, you will be driven to your lunch/beach destination. Here you will eat and enjoy one of many beautiful beaches on Grand Bahama Island that runs for miles.

But all good things must come to an end. You will then be driven back to your cruise terminal or resort to end your Kayak Eco Adventure…


  • $89 per person 12 years old and older
  • $49 per person11 years old and younger
  • $00 per person 05 years old and younger

Lunch and park fee not included into price. Lunch may cost between $15 and $25 per person and park fee $11 per person.

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests

Tour Time Line

  • 8:30AM-9:30AM Pickup
  • 60 minutes drive to kayak destination
  • 10 minutes setup time with kayaking instructions
  • 120 minutes of kayaking
  • 10 minutes break down time to departure
  • 30minutes drive to Lunch/beach destination
  • 90 minutes of lunch/beach time
  • 30 minutes to Harbor/resort
  • 2:00-3:30PM drop off

Afternoon tours can be offered providing we get enough requests with a minimum of 6 persons.

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