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West End Bike and Snorkel Adventure

This tour is 6.5 to 7 hours, from pick up to drop off at your place of lodging

Come experience the rich culture and history of West Grand Bahama on our West End Bike and Snorkel Adventure. From the beginning of your magical adventure, your certified guide will convey the rich history of our island. Nothing compares to this exclusive, personalized introduction to how it all began:  from the formation of its archipelago, to Asiatic settlement, to European and African influences creating the settlements of the Bahamas as we know them today.

You will be captivated as you learn firsthand about the island’s wealth of natural life and unique ecosystems. At designated stops along the way to West End, you will enjoy breath-taking views as you reflect on days of yore, including stories of Eight Mile Rock, one of the island’s oldest settlement and a former capital.

Once at West End, your beautiful Six-mile bike adventure takes you through the northern side of West End and its coastal town. The tour ends outside of a resort area known as Old Bahama Bay a former residential location of John Travolta. Your bike ride done at a leisurely pace with ocean views includes stops and narrations introducing this quaint fishing village with interesting ties of the past, it takes approximately 90 minutes.

At the conclusion of your bike ride, your transportation will then take you to the next location of the day, which is one of the island’s most picturesque white powdery beaches call Paradise Cove. Here you will enjoy lunch and snorkeling. Your tour continues right here in their turquoise sea, where an abundant treasure of marine life awaits you byway of snorkeling for the next 90 minutes. If you decide not to snorkel, simply relax on their beautiful beach, or comb for shells.


  • $99 per person

Price does not include lunch and park fee. Lunch is $15-$25 per person and park fee is $11 per person.

  • Height range for this tour is 4’6” to 6’4”
  • Maximum weight is 230 pounds

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests.

Tour Time Line

  • Pickup: 8:30AM-9:30AM
  • Drive time from Harbor to first stop 20 minutes, 40 minutes from Hotel
  • Frist stop 10 minutes (Lovers Beach)
  • Drive Time to Second Stop 5 minutes
  • Second Stop 10 minutes (Old Settlement Docking Site)
  • Drive time to Third stop 5 minutes (The boiling Hole a marine Blue Hole)
  • Third stop time 45 minutes (Marine Blue Hole Snorkeling and instructions)
  • Drive Time to Fourth Stop 30 minutes (West End)
  • West End Stop 90 minutes (Biking)
  • Bike setup and break down time 15 minutes
  • Drive Time to Fifth Stop 20 minutes (Paradise Cove)
  • Stop at Paradise Cove 90 minutes (Snorkeling and Lunch)
  • Drive time to Ship from Paradise Cove 40 minutes
  • Drive time to Hotel from Ship 30 minutes                       
  • Drop off time 1:30PM-3:30PM                                                             

Tour time could be altered to accommodate guests on ships with shorter port of call time. This is done by focusing on just biking and snorkeling and skipping the sightseeing part of the vehicle drive to biking and snorkeling destinations. This will not change the price of the tour, but the tour can be done within 5 hours.

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