Dover Sound Kayak Eco Adventure

Your adventure begins with a pickup from your cruise terminal within Freeport Harbor or your resort/lodging in the Freeport resort area.

During your short drive to your kayak launch site, your guide will narrate to you the interesting story of the city you are visiting.

Once at the kayaking launch site, you will receive the basics of kayaking. After these simple instructions, you will hop into your tandem kayak and begin an exploration of nature.

This Kayaking destination offers two (2) very beautiful scenic routes. We must choose one or the other, depending on the influence of its tides.

Low tide offers the route of short Mangrove trees and then, open-water. The water is very shallow and beautiful, which then leads to a lovely destination, a Mangrove Island Beach. See very tiny little shells driven by wind to form this amazing destination.

High tide offers the route of intricacy. You will be led through a maze of water and trees. Each turn leads to yet another maze. You will stand on top of one of many Mangrove Islands and learn the role these trees and ecosystem plays.

At the end of this wonderful adventure, you will be driven to your lunch/beach destination. Here you will eat and enjoy one of many beautiful beaches on Grand Bahama Island that runs for miles.

But all good things must come to an end. You will then be driven back to your cruise terminal or resort to end your Kayak Eco Adventure…


$69 per person 12 years old and older
$45 per person11 years old and younger
$00 per person 05 years old and younger

Lunch and park fee not included into price. Lunch may cost between $10 and $20 per person and park fee $5 per person.

Tour Time Line

8:15AM-9AM Pickup
60 minutes drive to kayak destination
10 minutes setup time with kayaking instructions
120 minutes of kayaking
10 minutes break down time to departure
30minutes drive to Lunch/beach destination
90 minutes of lunch/beach time
30 minutes to Harbor/resort
3PM drop off

Afternoon tours can be offered providing we get enough requests with a minimum of 6 persons.

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests

Pelican Lake Kayak Snorkel Adventure

This tour is 6.5 hours, from pick up to drop off at your place of lodging

Your adventure begins with a pickup from your place of lodging, be it at a resort in the Freeport resort area or Freeport Harbor our Cruise Ship Port. Commentary will be provided while your guide drives to the adventurous destinations of the day.

Stop 1

Pelican Lake is your destination of water and aquatic trees known an ecosystem known as Mangrove swash-land. The body of water which is less than 4 feet deep is shallow the entire kayaking experience. See a number of species of birds within their given season. Kayak over hundreds of Mangrove Jellyfish that is often seen in one section of this shallow body of water and often feed on by Turtles. Your guide will stand in the water of this amazing eco system holding a Jellyfish in hand to share some wonderful information about this specie and show you how harmless they are. Kayak over beds of Sargassum weed that resemble an underwater forest. Here you may find some larger fish congregating, however, this type of eco system is a nursery for juvenile marine and avian animals.

Stop 2

Paradise Cove is our Snorkeling destination and a short drive from Pelican Lake. It is also the destination for lunch and offers a wonderful view of Sun Sand and Sea. Snorkel from a beautiful Sandy Beach and over a bed of marine sea grass known as Turtle Grass (Thalassia testudinum). Your destination is a line of massive rocks extending above the water to more than 20 feet, but down to more than 30 feet below the water’s surface. Once there, enjoy a reef teaming with fish life. This is probably the best place on Island to experience larger marine animals, like Spotted Eagle-rays and different species of Turtles. For experience snorkelers, this is an absolutely wonderful place to explore your free diving skills.

After an active first part of the day, you will be ready to enjoy a local dish from Paradise Cove’s Beach grill. While you enjoy lunch take note of the view as their wooden deck faces a turquoise sea with crystal clear water.

Stop 3

Our next adventure is to drive through local settlements for more of a cultural adventure. You will hear the colorful history of how today’s people came into being after the original people were taken away. Also enjoy a short snorkeling experience in a Blue Hole known by the locals as “Da Boiling Hole”. This is a wonderful snorkeling experience in a naturally formed hole influenced by the last Ice Age. These holes are connected to the Island’s Cave systems that runs for miles. Your experience is within a marine blue hole, a beautiful destination in the Settlement of Eight Mile Rock, with a wonderful coastal view to conclude the day.

Price: $79 per person 12 years old and older

Price: $45 per person 11 years old and younger

Price does not include lunch and park fee. Lunch is $10-$20 per person and park fee is $5 per person.

This tour is offered to both Hotel and Cruise Ship guests

Tour Time Line

Pickup: 8:15AM-9AM
Drive time from Harbor to first stop 30 minutes, 40 minutes from Hotel
Frist stop 60 minutes (The Boiling Hole)
Time for instructions and short snorkeling
Drive Time to Second Stop 20 minutes
Second Stop 120 minutes (Paradise Cove)
Time allows for snorkeling and lunch
Drive time to Third stop 10 minutes (Pelican Lake)
Third stop time 90 minutes
Time allows for kayaking preparation for kayaking, kayak instructions and break down of equipment for departure
Drive time to Ship from Pelican Lake 50 minutes
Drop off time 3:30PM-4PM

Peterson’s Cay Kayak Snorkel Adventure

This adventure is 6.5 hours from pickup to drop off at your place of lodging

Be adventurous with your stay and kayak from the mainland Freeport Grand Bahama to another Island smaller in size call Peterson’s Cay. Freeport Grand Bahama is 530 square miles in size and the smaller island is only 1 ½ acres in size.

Your day begins with pickup from your place of lodging. Once we have you in the vehicle the adventure begins. You will be introduced to the plan of the day during a narrative drive to your destination which will be catered to begin at the last pickup location.

Once at the launch site for kayaking, your guide will tell you what you need to know about the equipment you will be using such as kayak, paddle and dry bag. You will then receive kayaking instructions to assist for your comfort in this amazing adventure especially if it is your first time kayaking. After your instructions your guide will allow you to begin your kayak crossing. With every stroke of your paddle the second island that sits less than a mile of shore of the main Island begins to reveals its beach and vegetation. Less than 30 minutes later from start to finish your feet will rest in the white powdery sand which awaited your arrival across the turquoise sea. While there take it all in as you look at the colors of the clear shallow water and the mainland you kayak away from and just remember…you are there to explore the underwater world at the destination your feet now stands.

Snorkeling instructions will begin as your guide lays out the plan for an amazing guided adventure. You will be introduced to this colorful world of Sea Fans and their variations, Brain Coral, Pillar Coral, Sea Plums, Elk-horn Coral, Sea Rods and the list of Corals will continue on tour. Take in its variation of marine life, Trumpet fish, Grunts, Snappers, Parrot fish, Star fish, Eels, Turtles, Sting-rays, Puffer fish, Peacock Flounders, Christmas tree worms, Feather duster worms, Sea Anemones with many variations and the list will continue on tour. You will be guided at leisure pace to explore with your guide this very healthy snorkel destination for approximately 90 minutes or more. Your guide will point out marine animals and tell you about this world guiding you completely around the little island (Peterson’s Cay) for the best snorkeling experience Freeport Grand Bahama can offer.

After snorkeling, you will kayak back to the mainland of Freeport Grand Bahama. From here you will be driven to another destination. The other destination is a restaurant that sits on a beautiful beach. Here you will have lunch on a wooden deck that faces a turquoise sea. Then after lunch, relax in a hammock or lounge chair with drink in hand either a local beer or any of their frozen specialties and reminisce the experience you just had of information, kayak, snorkel and local dish while enjoying the view of Sun, Sand and Sea…

$69 per person 12 years old and older
$45 per person 11 years old and younger
$00 per person 05 years old and younger

Price does not include lunch or Park fee. Lunch is $10-$20 per person and Park fee is $5 per person.

This tour is offered to both Cruise Ship and Hotel guests.

Tour Time Line

Pickup: 8:15-9AM (depends on location)
Drive time to first stop 50 minutes (Barbary Beach)
Preparation and Kayaking instructions 10 minutes
Kayaking time frame to second stop 30 minutes (Peterson’s Cay)
Short break and snorkeling instructions 10 minutes
Snorkeling time 90 minutes
Short break after snorkeling 10 minutes
Returning kayak 30 minutes
Preparation for departure 15 minutes
Drive time to third stop 20 minutes (Banana Bay restaurant on Fortune Bay Beach)
Lunch, beach and relaxation time 90 minutes
Return drive time 30 minutes
Drop off time 3PM-3:30PM

Tour can be altered for cruise ship guests allowing for 5 hour tour by skipping lunch